Tectona Consulting Group

Who We Are

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Tectona Consulting Group is an impact-driven consulting firm that uses Research, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning as tools for accelerating socio-economic transformation.

We use quality research data and user-centred design thinking approach to co-create, deliver, and manage impactful and sustainable solutions.

We work with a pool of over 30 multi-disciplinary experts to execute various multi-sectoral programmes and projects across diverse cultural settings.

Our thematic focus

  • Youth & Women Entrepreneurship

  • Sustainable Agriculture

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Social Innovation



A global leader in research, social innovation and results-based management that works with local communities, entrepreneurs, and support organizations to accelerate impactful socio-economic transformation.



To use quality research data; lean innovation approaches; and monitoring, evaluation and learning cutting-edge tools to co-create, deliver and manage cost-effective, impactful and sustainable solutions.


Core Value

We thrive in: Quality & Integrity

We promote: Teamwork & Discipline

We are driven by: Ethics & Professionalism