Tectona Consulting Group

About Us

Tectona Consulting Group is a data-driven impact management firm that uses research, monitoring, evaluation, adaptive learning, and human-centred innovation designs as tools for accelerating socio-economic transformation. 

We use quality data and human-centred design thinking to co-design, co-create, deliver, manage, diffuse, adapt, and sustain impactful solutions.

Our pool of multi-disciplinary experts execute various multi-sectoral programmes and projects across diverse cultural settings.

Our Thematic Focus

– Youth & Women Entrepreneurship

– Climate Smart Agriculture

Nutrition & Health

– Circular Economy

– Social Innovation

Our Footprint

Our Mission

To continuously monitor, evaluate, learn, and innovate from evolving data needs by effectively using human-centred designs to co-design, co-create, deliver, manage, replicate, adapt, and sustain impactful  solutions.

Our Core Values

We thrive in Quality & Integrity

We promote Teamwork & Discipline

We are driven by Ethics & Professionalism

Our Vision

A global leader in data-driven impact management, adaptive learning strategies, and people-centred lean innovation designs.

Meet Our Experts

Donald Odhiambo
CEO I Impact & Strategy Lead

Anne Gitau
Data & Innovation Lead

Yvonne Wagacha
Project Coordinator

Samuel Owiti
Researcher & VideoPhotographer

Japheth Otieno
Research & Innovation Associate

Fahad Mohamed
Entrepreneurship, Project Planning & Management

Cynthia Brenda
Climate Change, Environment & Development Specialist

Dr. Elly Munde
Molecular Research Scientist & Health Expert

Calvince Okello
Agriculture, AgriTech & Social Innovation Expert

Anne Nasumba
Integrated Marketing & Impact Communications

Dennis Kongere
Research, Policy Analysis & Advocacy Specialist

Charchills Onyango
Medical Microbiologist & Researcher

Edwina Orowe
Public Relations & Communications Specialist

Ayub Were
Design, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning

Shirin Gul
Social Protection, Gender, Governance & Education

Dr. Mustafe Abdi Mohamed
Development Economics, Economic Policy & Planning