Our Solutions

Data-driven change and impact management consulting firm.

A pool of multi-sectoral experts on data, innovation, change, and impact management that aspire to leave the world a safer and sustainable place through their influence, decisions and actions.

Adaptive and integrated digitalised platform tailored for Results-based Management, Sustainable Change Management, Adaptive Management, and Evidence-Based Impact.

Built to optimise designing, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting of socio-economic transformations and growth, change and impact indicators, commitments, and innovative solutions in Africa.

Community of thought leaders and changemakers that connect to explore, experiment, test and build disruptive and transformative ideas that matter in Africa.

Key Sector Focus

  • Data Economy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Green Economy
  • Blue Economy
  • Health & Food Security

Our interest groups

  • Underserved communities and emerging markets in Africa

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